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The Damned On Track : Every Album, Every Song

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The Damned On Track : Every Album, Every Song

The Damned - Book - by Morgan Brown


The Damned are a great British rock n' roll institution. They have helped to plot the course of guitar music over the last 45 years, putting UK punk on record for the first time in 1976, and going on to lay the groundwork for the hardcore, Goth, post-punk, indie-pop and horror-punk movements that have thrived in their wake. Ever underestimated by critics, their string of classic albums has nevertheless been hugely influential, from the trailblazing punk of Damned Damned Damned, to the epic, eclectic sprawl of The Black Album, through the glossy dark-pop of Phantasmagoria, to the genre-spanning triumph of the recent Evil Spirits and beyond.

In this book, Morgan Brown takes a fascinating deep dive into each of the band's groundbreaking records, unearthing the stories and inspirations behind them, picking apart their musical building blocks, and examining both the creative process and the creators themselves - visionary early leader Brian James, iconic frontman Dave Vanian, madcap genius Captain Sensible, volatile percussive dervish Rat Scabies and many more. Curious new listeners and long-time aficionados alike will find this book the perfect companion on a voyage of discovery into the strange, chaotic, wonderful world of the Damned.

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