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Love Me Do to Love Me Don't : The Beatles on Record

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Love Me Do to Love Me Don't : The Beatles on Record

The Beatles - Book - by Spencer Leigh


What made the Beatles so special? Drawing upon Spencer Leigh's extensive interviews this book is packed with contributions from Mike Batt, Pete Best, Dave Clark through to Ken Dodd, Hunter Davies, Adam Faith, Georgie Fame, Alan Freeman, Steve Harley, Graham Nash and Barry Norman to name just a few. Leigh has been interviewing musicians, roadies, fellow broadcasters for over thirty years. Each chapter is prefaced by cultural or historic events of the times to put the Beatles' music into context.

In chronological by year it takes you on a wonderful music journey which Leigh recommends you read whilst listening to your favourite Beatles tracks.It is easier to appreciate when you hear the music as well. if you love the Beatles music and you want to know more about their story then you will love this book.

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