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Children Of The Revolution

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Children Of The Revolution

The Glam Rock Encyclopedia - Book - by Dave Thompson


Initially written off as a fad, Glam Rock has survived and thrived since its early-Seventies heyday and now stands as a uniquely influential period of pomp, glitz, glamour and parent-unfriendly fashion. The first half of the decade saw an explosion of colour and melody that provided the perfect counterweight to the otherwise grim conditions the UK found itself in at the time. Children Of The Revolution charts this six-year period, month by month, and tells the story of a few glitter and feather-obsessed would-be rock stars who started a musical movement that proved profitable, hit-packed and not without its share of decadence and scandal. The story charts the rise (and occasional fall) of such names as T Rex, David Bowie, Wizzard, Slade, the Bay City Rollers, Mud, Sweet, David Essex, Suzi Quatro, Mott the Hoople, Sparks, Kenny, Alvin Stardust and hundreds more - all of whom have lived longer in the public conscious than they could ever have imagined. First-person interviews combine with the intimate diary-like text to impart all the breathless excitement of an unrepeatable era.

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