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Smokin' Valves : A Headbanger's Guide To 900 NWOBHM Records

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Smokin' Valves : A Headbanger's Guide To 900 NWOBHM Records

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal - Book - by Martin Popoff


Taking cue from the do-it-yourself attitude of their country's punk movement, Britain's up-and-coming heavy metal bands that comprised the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) were not content to wait for record labels to come knocking. Instead, they took to issuing their own music, typically in the form of 7 inch singles but also 12s and full-length album, many indie, some on small labels, and some on the major labels smart enough to get on board (essentially EMI and MCA). Martin Popoff, writer of more record reviews than anybody in history across all genres), has undertaken the task of documenting virtually every record large and small from heavy metal's most fabled period (beginning essentially in `79 with a hard stop at 1983) providing catalogue information, mini reviews as only he can do, plus a gob of thumbnails of those wonderful 7" picture sleeves and LP covers.

Additional features:* Includes hundreds of rare 45 picture sleeve and album cover images. * Every record rated out of 10. * Layout designed so that LPs are distinguished from 7", 10" and 12" singles/EPs.

* Label, year of release and catalogue number for almost every entry. * Two appendices, displaying all 9's and 10's for singles as opposed to LPs.

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