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Carpenters : The Musical Legacy

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Carpenters : The Musical Legacy

The Carpenters - Book - by Michael Cidoni Lennox and Chris May


Here's the story of one of the most successful and revered recording artists in pop-music history: the Carpenters - told for the first time from the perspective of the one person there for it all, Richard Carpenter. Making the scene with a clean-cut image on the heels of Woodstock, the Carpenters were shunned by many contemporaries, critics and even by those within their own record company. In The Musical Legacy, Richard reflects on the Carpenters' journey with heart and humor, but also speaks candidly about the high price of success.

Richard has given the authors unprecedented access, including hours of new interviews and thousands of never-before published images from his personal archive. With interest in the Carpenters at a new peak, The Musical Legacy gives Richard Carpenter a perfectly timed platform to shed light on the duo's story and set records straight, making for the definitive biography.

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