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A Rock & Roll Memoir

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A Rock & Roll Memoir

Cliff Richard & the Shadows - Book - by Royston Ellis


In 1959 teenage poet Royston Ellis teamed up with Cliff Richard s group, the Drifters (later called The Shadows) and appeared with them on television and stage shows performing his unique brand of rocketry (rock n roll poetry). He became closely associated with Cliff, Jet, Tony, Hank & Bruce and wrote the first ever book about them, "Driftin with Cliff Richard" followed by the 1961 biography "The Shadows". These much sought-after books have been long out of print. Royston Ellis has agreed to combine and expand the content of these two books into a new book, "Cliff Richard & the Shadows: A Rock & Roll Memoir". This book recalls insights of days and nights spent with Cliff and the Shadows between 1959 and 1961. Largely regarded as THE spokesman for the British Rock & Roll generation, Royston Ellis now re-evaluates how Cliff and the Shadows represented the hopes, aspirations and values of British teens at the dawn of the swinging 60s, when things would change forever. This book offers a timeless snapshot of an era that only lasted a few years, but whose importance would reverberate for decades. This beautifully designed book includes rare photographs.

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