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Joy Division

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Joy Division

Joy Division - Book - by Paul Morley


This book is the definitive collection of writings on the legendary cult band. In addition to collecting Morley's own classic works about the band from the late '70s/early '80s, this unique book includes his eloquent Ian Curtis obituary and his hindsight pieces on the significance of the group, framed by an extensive retrospective essay. Contemporary elements include Morley’s critique of the films 24 Hour Party People – which told the story of the band’s record label, Factory – and Control, for which the author visited the set during production.

Most movingly, Morley includes the original text that grew into his literary work Nothing, which parallels the suicide of Curtis with that of his own father. He also evokes the zeitgeist and the 'psycho-geography' of Manchester, which combined to produce the most uniquely intense rock group ever.

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