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Wendy Carlos's Switched-On Bach

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Wendy Carlos's Switched-On Bach

Bach - Moog Music - Book - by Roshanak Kheshti


So much, popular and scholarly, has been written about the synthesizer, Bob Moog and his brand-name instrument, and even Wendy (Walter) Carlos, the musician who made this instrument famous. No one, however, has examined the importance of spy technology, the Cold War and Carlos's gender to this critically important innovation. Through a postcolonial lens of feminist science and technology studies, Roshanak Kheshti engages in a reading of Carlos's music within this gendered context.

By focusing on Switched-On Bach from 1968 (the highest selling classical music recording of all time), this book explores the significance of gender to the album's--and, as a result, the Moog synthesizer's--phenomenal success.

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