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The Big Midweek : Life Inside The Fall

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The Big Midweek : Life Inside The Fall

The Fall - Book - Steve Hanley andOlivia Piekarski


Steve Hanley's best-selling memoir is an extraordinary story of endurance in one of the most enigmatic, revered and belligerent bands in popular music history.

'This is a must for all music fans. It's also a source of insight into why, despite bust-ups, cigarettes flicked into eyes, and nightmarish recording sessions, anyone would dream of staying in a band years after the fun has stopped.' Reader's Digest (Music Book of the Year)

'Compellingly written, I wished it was three times as long - I would have gobbled it up just as happily.' - The Observer

'Hilarious, uncomfortable and sobering read.' - Vive Le Rock

'Less a rock band, more a perennially touring fiefdom, The Fall have been constructing brittle-but-brilliant music for almost four decades. Thanks to Steve Hanley - the man who played bass in The Fall for nineteen years - and co-writer Olivia Piekarski, we get to peep behind the band's battered Transit doors. The result is one of the best music books I've ever read.' Northern Soul (Book of the Year)

'You don't have to like The Fall to enjoy this book, you don't even really need to like MUSIC to enjoy this book! It's a gripping tale of forged and broken relationships, friendship and betrayal.' - Marc Riley

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