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Sight Readings : Photographers and American Jazz, 1900-1960

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Sight Readings : Photographers and American Jazz, 1900-1960

Jazz Photographers 1900-1960 - Book - by Alan John Ainsworth


This book explores the work of a wide range of American photographers attracted to jazz during the period 1900-60. It includes discussions of jazz as a visual subject, its attraction to different types of photographers and offers analysis of why and how they approached the subject in the way they did. While some of these photographers are widely recognized for their work, many African American photojournalists, studio photographers, early twentieth-century emigres, the Jewish exiles of the 1930s and vernacular snapshots are frequently overlooked.

Drawing on ideas from contemporary photographic theory backed up by extensive archival research, this book allows the reader to explore and understand twentieth-century jazz photography in both an engaging and comprehensive fashion.

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